Hello there. I'm Emilie, I'm a vegetarian. I love reading,music and happy endings. My blog might not be interesting. for you glenn coco

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Anonymous: Hey so how about you stop being a hypocritical bitch and sending out anon hate to people that haven't done shit to you? Takes a lot of nerve hiding behind a little grey face, doesn't it? Maybe you should grow up already.

I’ve never sent out anon hate so maybe you shouldn’t jump to conclusions. And I’m being a “hypocritical bitch” apparently yet you’re hiding behind a grey face. So how about you go fuck yourself and call it a day. Xxx Ps. If you want to complain and actually have a conversation how about you come off anon and we can talk about it.

To the anons giving hate and trying to change the relationships I have with certain people I am asking you kindly to reconsider before you press the send button. I understand that my relationships or existence might some how cause you stress and or make you feel as though I have ruined chances or certain things for you but I can honestly say I in no way had any say in that matter. Its his life, his choices and I apologize if that caused you pain. On a regular basis I could deal with,perhaps its to much to call it harassment but lets go with that, but you see and not that its any of your business but my mom is sick and not doing great and that has occupied a lot of my time, especially recently. So if you could possibly lighten the load of my worries, concerns and down emotions it would be greatly appreciated. 


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